My name is Emily de Aguilar. I am a designer from Devon, living in Exeter, UK. My passion lies in typography, illustration, editorial design and photography. I’m passionate about working with non profits and independent organisations. If you are interested in working with me, don’t hesitate to email or contact me through instagram.

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Thou Shalt Eat

Cooking doesn’t have to be a rushed experience, or something we do on auto-pilot, distracted by thoughts, feelings, and inner-dialogue. In fact, of all the tasks we do in our daily lives, cooking offers a wonderful opportunity for us to train ourselves to be present, to be patient, to persevere, to be creative, gentle, generous and to practice self care. Cooking can teach you more than just how to satiate hunger. In this book are 7 lessons and 7 practices that encourage a more wholesome and rewarding experience as well as stories about food and cooking from myself and my father, who along with my mother, taught me to cook and facilitated all of my food experiments. View the full book here:

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Posters & Illustration

Why Your Understanding of Collectivism is Probably Wrong

An article written by Thomas Talhelm unpacks ideas about Collectivism, unmasking the real characteristics of a Collectivist society. Designed and illustrated by me, featuring photography by myself, Jack de Aguilar and cover image by Conor McBride. Access the full publication here:

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App design that addresses anxiety surrounding climate, sustainability and the environment. Consuming seasonally is good for your wallet, your body, your community, your environment and it tastes better! The Seasonality app covers what’s in season, recipes, a downloadable calendar and a community of people.

UI/App design


In May 2018 Magid Magid become the first black Muslim Lord Mayor of Sheffield. And the youngest. Since then he has declared Donald Trump a “wasteman”, appeared on Big Narstie Show, created a suicide prevention charter and been subject to a petition to remove him as mayor. We sat down in his mayoral chamber and had a conversation about identity, race and camels.

Interview, photography and design by me. 
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